The video recordings of the TCR’s IDEA League Summer School 2021 is available!

TCR News September 30th

The workshop and keynote recordings of the IDEA League Summer School (25-27 August 2021) on Climate Change and University Campuses are available at this YOU TUBE link:

Speakers include:

Prof Niklas von den Assen (RWTH Aachen University, Sustainability Coordinator)

Prof Davis Bookhart (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Sustainability Coordinator)

Prof Andy van den Dobbelsteen (TU Delft, Sustainability Coordinator)

Mrs Naomi Hoogervort (UN Habitat, Urban Lab, Nairobi)

Prof Ute Habel (RWTH Aachen University, Vice Rektor for International Affairs)

Prof Eugenio Morello (Politecnico di Milano, Sustainability Coordinator)

Prof Christa Reicher (RWTH Aachen University)

Ms Christina Tang (Blue Sky Energy Technology, Hong Kong)