Querencia. Living at the green port of Seville

A project by Iryna Vakulyk, Tabea Rückle, Esther Padberg

Integrated Project I

Lecturers: Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Christa Reicher, Dr. ir. Ceren Sezer

Supervisors: Canan Çelik, Fabio Bayro Kaiser, Caner Telli, Javier Ostos Prieto

summer semester 2022

The Integrated Project 1: Betis 2.0 of the summer semester 2022 deals with the redevelopment of the harbour of Seville.

Our aim is, to give the Sevillians a place where they get their strength from. A place of recreation but also of identification. A place where the history of the harbour is no longer hidden behind the fence, but where industrial heritage can spice up the open spaces with a unique flair. A place that means home. A place that means ‘Querencia’.

Concluding our analysis, we came to five main topics that we want to focus on:

Goal 1 (Rethinking industry) deals with the reuse of already existing industrial infrastructure and buildings. We want to emphasize the important role of industry in the history of Seville.

Goal 2 (Using water) means that we want to make the river more accessible for both citizens, tourists and transport.

Goal 3 (Connecting green): The city has an existing green belt, which we want to extend by creating a recreational green space on the riverbank, which is lacking in Seville.

Goal 4 (Linking mobility): Our site is secluded from the rest of the city and is not accessible neither by public transport, nor by bike lanes. We want to improve the current situation and unlock the potential of our neighbourhood as an important transit knot.

Goal 5 (Creating public space) means, that we are creating an axis with public uses along it to attract visitors.

Our vision is to provide dense spaces for living, working and resting, while combining all of the previously mentioned goals in order to create one home, one Querencia.

During the design process, we have developed a participation toolbox which presents how, where and with whom we want to create the sustainable future for the harbour of Seville. For our particular focus on this participation-theme, we have identified several areas where participation can take place in different ways, as well as the actors, whose support and cooperation would be crucial to achieve success in such a grand project.