Empowering citizens by connecting educational landscapes

A project by Laura Brings

Integrated Project II – Future Cityscapes: Sustainable Urban Design for the heart of the „Innovation Valley“

Lecturers: Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Christa Reicher, Dr. ir. Ceren Sezer and Fabio Bayro Kaiser

summer semester 2020

This project answered the question how to empower and connect Erftstadts citizens and by that strengthen the cities identity. Through connection platforms citizens will be enabled to connect to other actors of the city, like associations, local businesses and the city council. By that knowledge exchange is strengthened and new educational landscapes can evolve. Connections are then not only made in segregated districts, but around the whole city. The connection platforms range from built structures like pavilions as meeting points over experimental spaces like urban gardening areas and will be supported by an online platform and the existing educational landscapes. The online platform can additionally be used as a communication platform to promote Erftstadts educational landscape.

As a next step the planned campus of the TH Cologne will be introduced to citizens via the connection platforms to prevent rejection and to strengthen connection and identification of the university and the citizens. Once the campus is built, presumably by 2026, the university will be integrated and visible throughout the whole city. By this a joint development of the city and the university is possible. It will strengthen Erftstadts ability to tackle future challenges and promote a sustainable development. Through those steps the Educational Landscape Erftstadt is strengthened, which gives not only power to the citizens but also gives Erftstadt a new identity in times of structural change.