A Right to Freedom and a Duty to Build Back Better

A project by : An essay by Iryna Vakulyk

Land Use Ethics

Teaching staff: Lecturer: Prof. Benjamin Davy
Winter semester 2021/22

This essay is an intellectual meditation, focusing on land use ethics through the prism of the recent events. Alongside with torture, murder and destruction, Russia’s cruel invasion of Ukraine brought food for thought about the most important values, which are usually taken for granted, before we lose them. While the war is shattering steadfast convictions, it’s more important than ever to recognize the role of both physical and spiritual aspects of land in formation of nation’s consciousness. Backed by a thorough research on the works of the world’s renown planners, economists and writers (it was a part of the assignment to include their most remarkable quotes in our texts), this essay gives an insight about how not to lose humanity and keep believing in a better future during the darkest times. Here, the most important question arises – how do we ensure, that the new cities, which will in time replace the bombed ones, are even better than before? How can we create generation-just, environment- and people-friendly societies, in which there will be no place for wars and other human-made or natural catastrophes?

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