Productive Landscapes for Ückendorf, Gelsenkirchen 3E: Ecology, Economy, and Energy

A project by Melike Nur Ülsever, Nida Bilgen Safiya Raheman and Safiya Raheman

Supervisors: Prof. Christa Reicher, Fabio Bayro Kaiser and Anne Söfker-Rieniets

summer semester 2022

Landscapes around us are changing and the challenges are coming with it. The industrial landscape of Ruhr region is a successful example for this transformation. The main focus of this concept is redefining landscape productivity and at the same time integrating inhabitants in the development of the landscape. Opposite of passive landscapes which consumes resources, productive landscape can generate resources.

Our concept offers nature-based micro-climate improvements while producing green resources. By emphasizing the existing potentials, the concept increases the mixture of uses and functions. The main factor of Productive Landscape is the integration of inhabitants and non-human species. The 3E’s -Ecology, Economy and Energy- maximize opportunities through green resources, whereas providing nature-based jobs, and creating habitats for species. Gelsenkirchen’s gain is the introduction of new animal habitats and utilizing biodiversity as a tool for climate regulation. 

Productive Landscapes envisions increased the life quality in Gelsenkirchen through the 3E approach. The ecology approach highlights the importance of banding together the human and non-human inhabitants to increase biodiversity for protect food security. With green energy opportunities and recycling strategies, Energy goes along with a sustainable Gelsenkirchen that realizes its full potential. By promoting local green opportunities, and providing a resilient economic plan, the Economy enriches people’s lives and contributes to social prosperity.